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Advice from Adam Smith, formerly the head chef at The Devonshire Arms

05 Feb 2020

Advice from Adam Smith, formerly the head chef at The Devonshire Arms


Chef Career Advice

Based on his extensive experience working within the culinary world, Adam Smith offers his advice to aspiring chefs in an attempt to help them on their journey up the career ladder:

Prior to joining Coworth Park, Adam Smith was the head chef at the Devonshire Arms in Yorkshire, and the former senior Sous Chef at The Ritz, London under Chef John Williams, where he spent more than ten years.

"I think what young chefs expect from this industry or should expect to get out what you put in, if you put all the hard work in you will take masses from it. and that's what it's all about. The best piece of careers advice I've ever been given was probably when I was leaving college and I was told that I had to go and work for Mr Williams at The Ritz."

"Myself personally when I'm interviewing somebody or looking to take somebody on attitude and work ethic takes foremost to anything, a CV can get you a job, but it won't keep you a job, so when you interview start looking for somebody who's passionate, enthusiastic and you get the feeling they really want to be there, really want to work with you any young chef looking to work in the Devonshire Arms would expect to work hard, be worked hard, be able to take a lot from it and learnt how to be a tight team, so they can become part of the team and part of a growing team so they will be able to grow themselves, and can help us to grow our team, grow our business and improve on what we do."

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