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Regional employment forums are giving hospitality firms and workers a national voice

19 Jan 2023

Regional employment forums are giving hospitality firms and workers a national voice

The creation of York and North Yorkshire’s new hospitality forum is expected to “give the industry a voice and make sure it is recognised regionally, nationally and internationally” whilst representing some 50,000 roles across the region.

The forum’s aim will be to ensure that the hospitality sector is on the agendas of both central government and the region’s councils, helping to encourage funding for firms operating in the industry.

It also aims to work alongside the Chamber’s Local Skills Improvement Plan to address any shortfalls in skills that the sector may be dealing with, as well as to encourage positive media activity.

The York and North Yorkshire region is one of the UK’s leading tourism hotspots, with millions visiting its destinations.

Firms operating in the hospitality and tourism sector within the region are SMEs and micro-businesses with, only a handful of employees.

Laurence Beardmore, president of York & North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce, added: "The hospitality sector and associated support industries are a vital element of the York & North Yorkshire economy, and in our region, we are experts in this field."

Hospitality workers are some of the hardest working and most conscientious people around but they have been disproportionately affected by the economic, pandemic, fuel increase and National strike issues we are still experiencing.

"York & North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce is determined to do everything it can to support those industries to survive and subsequently recover and the newly formed Hospitality forum will be central to our strategy."

The forum has identified issues including repercussions from the pandemic, the cumulative impact of rising energy costs, recruitment and retention issues, access to finance, and inconsistent demand have meant that many enterprises are now facing an uncertain future.

The York & North Yorkshire Hospitality Forum notes that it aims to "emulate the success of the West & North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce property forums by placing the key issues of the sector in front of those in a position to make a difference."

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